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Reproduction leather 380mm steering wheel Porsche 911/912 & 914
Porsche 911 wood rim steering wheel
Original Porsche 356A Petri full circle horn ring
Original Porsche 911/912 wood rim steering wheel 65-68
Original VDM 420mm Ebonite steering wheel 911/912 65-68
911/912 & 914 'Puck' horn button (KK exclusive)
911/912 & 914 'Puck' horn button (Original)
Porsche 911/912 no cost option 'Butterfly' horn button 65-68
Original Porsche 911/912 no cost option 'Butterfly' horn button 65-68
Original Porsche 911/912/914 Butterfly horn button
MoMo style Horn Button
911/912 MoMo Original style Hub kit (KK exclusive)
911R Style Horn Button
Porsche 911R aluminium Hub Kit (KK exclusive)
Leather Centre for Horn Button
VDM Werks steering wheel (KK exclusive)
VDM Spyder steering wheel (KK exclusive)
VDM GT steering wheel (KK exclusive)
Petri Banjo steering wheel (KK exclusive)
Derrington 'A' steering wheel (KK exclusive)
Les Leston for 356 B/C models Polished (KK exclusive)
Les Leston for 356 B/C models machine turned finish (KK exclusive)
904 Les Leston steering wheel (KK exclusive)
356A Steering Wheel 400mm
356B T5 Original Steering wheel
Horn Button 356-A 82mm Recess
356A Full Circle Horn Ring
Full circle horn ring for Petri Pealit steering wheel
Horn button spring plate 356B, 356C & 911/912 & 914
Horn button base plate 356B, 356C, 911/912 & 914
Steering wheel Hub (Behind wheel) 356B/C 911/912
Horn Button Mounting Ring 356B/C 911/912
Derrington Steering Wheel Hub Kit 356, 356A
356A Horn Ring Seal
356A Horn Ring Foam Gasket
356A Horn Ring Fitting Kit