30/09/2015 Breaking 914, T25 for sale and New product info!


 Today is a sad day for our orange 914 but a great day for any Porsche 914 owners out there needed good used original parts! we will be nut and bolt breaking our 1973 1914 and offering all the parts for sale, so if there is anything you need form you car please give us a call on 01702 340613 to reserve what you need. The particularly nice parts include, Plastic Targa top, 380mm leather steering, Wolfsburg butterfly horn button and optional 5.5/15 steel wheels. 


Honest John drove in style today in his 56 split panel van with some very nice patina!


 We also have a very tidy red T25 high top Jubilee joker edition, excellent runner and very clean interior. we are currently re freshing the paint job and then it will be up for grabs, so watch our vehicles for sale section!


We have these really nice quality Bosch distributors new in stock. We have the VJ/VJR 4 BR18 Type for 1957-63 356 and the 022 Type, correct for 1963-67 356 and 912.




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