911 SLR update!


I picked up a few more pieces for the lightweight 911 project, plus studied two more original 911R s and a few outlaws. I collected the last Glass fibre tinware pieces and the final Perspex side window pieces. A correct R style deck lid was purchased, along with a pair of light weight R hinges for it. I found a n.o.s. all aluminium Talbot Berlin, outside racing mirror, with lightweight convex glass, from Glen Bornhof. Peter from Steve Hogues showed me how to modify an 80 mm all alloy vw gas cap to 911R oil cap spec,for the rear fender mounted outside filler. I found a pair of 64-66 only factory 911 lightweight seat bases and sliders. They are too heavy for the SLR project as I have deleted sliders and will have the seat fixed but with optional bolt hole adjustment. However, ideal for my 65 911 to replace the exact replicas we make and sell at K.K.

          I now have 2 different aluminium starters, and the lightest will get the job! Also the front alloy hood hinges have arrived. I have a new steel 72 style oil filter but am planning to have an exact 911R alloy tank fabricated. Thats all for this instalment and I'll soon be planning my own diet and training plan to help the cause!


light starter.jpg 



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