912 progress, shop refit and Strahle swapmeet


Ritchie, Andy and our close friend Gary attended the Strahle swap meet last weekend which went really well !

Our tradestand even making it onto the front page of the Local Schorndorf Newspaper!

We done some good business, met some old friends and also made some new ones! This is a really good show and we can highly recommend any classic Porsche owners or enthusiasts to attend next year.

  photo 1.jpg



The 912 we have is coming along very well with the engine and suspension now fitted, we are now focusing on fitting some of the interior components of the car and sound deadening.  

We have also undertaken a new shop lay out and display. we have lots of parts out on display for your browsing pleasure. We would love to have any customers come down to the shop for a coffee and a look around!





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