Classics at the Castle 2015!


The KK team left bright and early yesterday morning in convoy and enjoyed a smooth and pleasant drive to Headingham Castle, all our cars performed very well on the journey and enjoyed being driven at speed for the first time in a while! 

The sun came out to everyones delight which helped to make this years show the busiest in years. The grounds where soon packed with lots stunning Porsches from every era including our interesting line up of Ritchie and Angelas personal collection, Angelas unrestored 356A gained lots of attention with its low mileage and fascinating history whilst Ritchies Rad Roadster also caused quite a stir! 

The stand looked really good and drew lots of people in to talk about their cars and see our large array of parts for all 356 and early 911. It was really nice to see some our regular customers and also make some new ones, we look forward to dealing with you in the future and will be sending you all a free KK T shirt with your first order! See you all next year! 


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