Lightweight, Fiat 500D, Excellent Porsche 914, Carrera 1500GS


We have been busy as always at KK with an eclectic mix of projects currently in progress. We have a new Fiat 500D Transformable in stock, fresh from Italy and ready to drive away! As well as a superb rust free 914 undergoing a light restoration and paint, it will be an excellent car if you are looking for a good honest 914. We also have made some good progress on the 911 Lightweight, as Ritchie continues to strive to make it as light as possible, it really is becoming an awesome car with lots of trick parts. The Carrera is making good progress and will be an excellent and rare asset to someones collection when it is finished. Call us for more information on any of the above vehicles on 01702 340613.

1963 Fiat 500D Transformable £8995 


Porsche 914 in progress.


Matt detailing the underside, which has no rust or repairs! 


Ritchie Lightening the doors on the 911L 


Lionel just cut another couple of pieces off the SL! The R cars did not have the captive plate for the rear quarter window catchers and the front bulkhead drain tube is not needed! Maybe plastic! 


The Carrera in its original bare metal, awaiting paint.


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