KK Vehicle Appraisal


Just bought your car & new to classic Porsches? Just about to start restoring or re fitting up your Porsche?? Then this is for you! 

This Free service is available by appointment on most days! Ritchie will visually check for originalty & accuracy, he will offer advice to improve the car & its value. Advice will be given on interior, exterior, mechanics, underside (including rustproofing), jacks, toolkits, handbooks & accessories. We can often supply used or N.O.S original parts to keep things looking period & balanced!

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Fuchs Wheel Restoration

Fuchs Wheel restoration service

We offer an expert Fuchs wheel restoration service with correct factory finish. The price includes, stripping, polishing rims and spokes, Anodising, Matt finish to wheel edge and detailing black.

The below prices are for the process only, any repairs required will incur extra costs.

Please call to place your order for this service on 01702 340613. 

4.5 x 15 £350+ per wheel

5.5 x 15 £350+ per wheel

5.5 x 14 £350+ per wheel

Early 6 x 15 £350+ wheel 

Late 6 x 15 £350+ per wheel 

7 x 15 £400+ per wheel

8 x 15 £400+ per wheel

9 x 15  £450+ per wheel

11 x 15 £450+ per wheel

914 2.0L £300+ per wheel 







356 & 911/912 Wheel Restoration

356C and 911/912 Wheel restoration and re-chroming service.

We offer an expert 356C and 911/912 steel wheel restoration service £450+ v.a.t per wheel. The price includes, stripping, re-chroming and factory grey finish to rear and centres. 

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356 Brake Drum Refurbishment

Porsche 356 Drum brake restoration service

We offer a Porsche 356 drum brake refurbishment service which includes check for trueness, skim braking surface for pitting and grooves, examine rear drums spline and vapour blast clean. 

Please call us for a quote on 01702340613.







Steering Wheel Restoration

Porsche 356 and 911/912 Steering wheel restoration service.

We offer a Porsche steering wheel restoration service, steering wheels of any condition considered. we can provide any of the following services.

Repair broken wood rimmed wheels.

Re-paint, re-finish or re-lacquer rim.

Remove markes, chips or scratches.

Re-finish, machine turn or paint centre spokes.

Straighten any bends.  

Supply and fit new hubs.

Please call us for a quote on 01702 340613.







ZF Steering box re-build

ZF steering box.jpg 

Karmann Konnection are now reconditioning ZF steerig boxes for 356A T2, 356B and 356C models (can be fitted to earlier cars with slight modification). Our in house engineering workshop dismantles, rebuilds and re-assembles as neccessary fitting all new seals and filling with fresh oil in the process. We provide this service on an exchange basis only. Send us your old box and we will send it back once it has been re-built. Call us for more infomation and to place your order.

The price is £720 inc V.A.T.