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Pair of Porsche 356 sunvisors 50-53 KK exclusive
Pair of Porsche headrests all 356 & 911/912 models (KK exclusive)
Pair of Porsche 356 sunvisors 53-55 *KK exclusive
Pair of Porsche 356 sunvisors 55-57 *KK exclusive*
Threshold rubber seal all 356
Speedster Seat (Alloy)
Speedster Seat (Steel)
Wood dash eyebrow 356 Pre A & Speedster
Wood Armrest Set, Pair 356C
Defroster Vent screw set for 356 Conv D & Roadster
Porsche 356 Speedster dash grab handle 54-59 *KK exclusive
Defroster Vent screw set for 356 Speedster
Heater Slider 356B T6, C & 911/912 65-68 (284mm length)
Mirror Clamp double for 356 Speedster
Tunnel Mat for 356A 55-57
Tunnel Mat Original style rubber for 356C
Tunnel Mat for all 356B models
Tunnel mat 356A 57-59
Sunvisor screw set For 356B T6 & C Coupe (1 required)
Steel speedster seat frame 356 pre A, 356A & 356B T5
Steel speedster seat frame 356B T6 & 356C.
Lightweight aluminium Speedster seat frame 356 pre A, 356A & 356B T5
Speedster seat frame hinge LHS
Speedster seat frame hinge RHS
Steel Roll Cage
Pepita (houndstooth) seat cloth 356C, 911/912,
Chrome ashtray 356A T2, 356B & 356C
Speedster dash beading kit
Pair of Speedster door cappings (KK exclusive)
4 x Speedster side curtain sockets (KK exclusive)
Headrest bracket/thumb screw & domed screws (KK exclusive)
Front Floor Mat 356BT6-C (LHD)
Front Floor Mat 356 1950-55 models LHD (Pre A)
Front Floor Mat 356A-BT5 all models LHD
Front floor Mat, all Pre A 356 models 1950-55 RHD
Front Floor Matt 356A-T5 (will fit T6 &C) RHD
Luggage Area Mat all Pre A 356 models.
Luggage Area Mat 356A-BT5 (+RHD T6 &C)
Rear Mat set 356, 356A & BT5 concours quality
Speedster seat bolt rubber cap
Rubber tunnel mat 356A 57-59
Seat runner adjuster LHS 356 T6, C + early 911/912 (KK exclusive)
Seat runner adjuster RHS 356 T6, C + early 911/912 (KK exclusive)
Rear mat set 356BT6-C
Cross pattern sun visors, for 356B T6 & C Coupe (pair)
Cross pattern vinyl sun visors for 356A T2- B T5 Coupe and Cabriolet (pair)
Rubber dash handle grommet 356A & 356B
Metal seat rail clip spring 356 Pre A & 356A
Rubber Buffer seat cap for Speedster seat
Dash handle rubber grommet Speedster, Convertible D & Roadster
Black Porsche radio dash cover plate 356A, 356B & 356C
Clamp for tyre strap (black) all 356
Perspex sun visor insert 53-57 356 pre A 356A
Luggage strap clamp (chrome) all 356
356 Pre A Shift Knob (Late '52-'55)
Beige shift knob 356A
Rear seat back bolt kit 356 pre A & 356A
356 Pre A gear knob 50-52 (KK exclusive)
Fresh air Knob Beige 356A
Ivory shift knob 356A
Black shift knob 356B, 356C & 911/912 65-66
Fresh air Knob Black 356B & 356C
Front and rear lid knob beige 356A
Front/rear lid & fuel flap knob black 356B & 356C
Choke & cigar lighter knob beige 356A
Choke & cigar lighter knob black 356B & 356C
Lights and wipers knob beige 356A
Lights and wipers knob black 356B & 356C
Wipers, Carrera ignition, accessory fog light knob beige 356A
Wipers, Carrera ignition, accessory fog light knob black 356B & 356C
Turn signal Knob beige 356A
Pre A Ashtray & Glove Box Knob (KK exclusive)
Turn Signal knob for all 356B & C models
Turn signal Knob black 356B & 356C
Black knob for seat lever (KK exclusive)
Speedster interior rear view mirror
Interior rear view mirror (2 hole) 356A 55-57
Interior rear view mirror (1 hole) 356A T2, BT5, Convertible D, Roadster
Double interior mirror clamp 356 Speedster
Single hole interior mirror clamp 356
RHD pair of pedal boards 356B T6 & 356C (KK exclusive)
RHD pair of pedal boards 356A T2 & 356B T5 (KK exclusive)
Dash handle grommet 356A and 356B