About Us

About Us

Over the last 32 years Karmann Konnection has grown to become a leading supplier of restoration parts and accessories for Porsche 356 and early 911 vehicles.

Our aim is to help you restore and maintain your Classic Porsche. Our knowledgeable staff are here 6 days a week to serve you. We also have a stand at alot of national & international Porsche events.

Our new store is in Southend, Essex, just off the A127 and we have large stocks of parts along with a good selection of Classic Porsche vehicles for sale.

Over 30 years mail order experience means your parts will be despatched to you with speed and efficiency via courier or the Royal Mail world wide service.


Ritchie King - Owner and Proprietor


Well I am still having fun with the Porsches and have just finished restoring a 1964 Volkswagen panel van. Also we have just finished restoring the outside of the Pub building we are now located in.
I have a couple of new projects on the go. A light weight 911 swb street car and another pub and barns to restore.
The cycling is going well with a couple of new bikes in the stable! Italy is still my favourite playground for cycling and eating and most things! 
I am planning to step back from the retail business in the near future and the guys will I'm sure carry on the K.K. Flame into the future!

Ciao Ritchie


Paul Boosey - Manager

Paul- copppy.jpg

I've been into Classic cars for as long as I can remember and have owned a few ‘interesting' rides during that time, at present I am busy selling off my collection of 924`s / 944`s to make way for a newer Porsche later on in the year! I`ve been at Karmann Konnection for over 10 years now & I am very fortunate to spend my days working with the Porsche vehicles, its my ideal job! Away from work I enjoy spending time with my Wife & Kids, wining and dining and getting a good dose of cycling & the gym when time allows! 


Andy Rickards - Parts Sales 


Ive been involved with Karmann Konnection for over 20 years now, originally involved only with the Volkswagen side of the Business. In the last few years with the Company changing direction I am now fully involved with Porsche side of the business, Which has been interesting for me dealing with a different aspect of the Company. I have been to a few of the Porsche Shows over the years, including recently The Stahle swapmeet held in Schorndorf nr Stuggart in Germany. I have always loved the Porsche marque, especially the 356 era. I have owned all types Volkswagens and a 1968 Porsche 912. During my spare time I enjoy keeping fit, cycling to work weather permitting! & Socialising. Im also into 20th century modern furniture and design  


Charlie Andrews - Sales and Website


Growing up in the King household, I was surrounded by classic Porsche and Volkswagens from a young age. I soon fell in love with the cars and always admired them as Ritchies collection changed and grew. Once I was done with my studies and some travelling I bought my first car, a Cal look 70 Beetle but soon wanted a Bus! Next came a Neptune blue early bay followed by a Porsche 944, a couple of Beetle cabriolets and my most recent purchase a very cool early bay fire bus! At KK I enjoy selling used parts, maintaining the website and getting to detail and drive the cars, my dream car being a Speedster. In my spare time I rent out music studios, go to a lot of gigs and love to travel and see new places. I also buy and sell antique furniture, singage and anything weird and wonderful that catches my eye!


Matt Binyon - Parts Manager


My love of cars began when I first watched American Graffitti, then back in 1988, I started my working carreer at KK and witnessed the 959 BAN car being built by Ritchie. That was enough for me to fall in love with all Vws and Porsches, ever since then they have been my passion and my life. I still attend as many shows as I possibly can throughout the year. Im also into Art deco furniture, 1970s furniture and a big collector of Vinyl records. Also enjoy a beer with the boys and the odd wild night out.


Jon - Mechanic

I have been a mechanic for 25 years and am now fortunate enough to earn my living fixing vintage Volkswagens and Porsche's.
I am heavily into the VW scene and enjoy spending time with my family and getting down to the West Country as often as possible.